CanadaVS2011deel2 140Welkom op mijn website – welcome to my website – bienvenue sur mon site

I am Imco Lanting and I’ve been a journalist (almost) all my life. The last couple of years I also translate brochures and websites from different languages into Dutch. My specialisms in writing are traveling, history, science and human interest. I write mostly in Dutch but I’m also able to deliver articles in English. Currently I work for 10 -15 different (mostly nation-wide published) newspapers and magazines in The Netherlands and Belgium.

I live for the most part in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, central France, which allows me to be a correspondent in all what’s going on in this country. I work with different major organizations in French tourism, history and science and cover French news and travel items for Dutch and Belgian media on a regular base.

If you want to assign me for an article, report or trip or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email or telephone 0031-62533-6405 (Dutch) or 0033-76356-0654 (French).

I hope to hear from you !

Tot ziens, see you later, au revoir

By the way: finding your way on this website is simple. Choose the category of your preference and click on the title to open the pdf. C’est tout.



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